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Once upon a time there lived a robot man
Who lived all alone in a far off land
When he was made a forgotten part his forgotten heart
In his chest an empty space

This little robot man couldn't shed a tear
So he wondered why he had to live this way
This little robot man couldn't shed a tear
So he wandered so alone so alone

This lonely robot tin man
All he wanted was the touch of a human hand
This lonely robot tin man
Feelings he was never meant to understand
This robot, this robot, this little robot tin man, this robot

This robot tin man confused and scared
Was becoming less machine everyday
He set out to find his heart
With new found courage he will find his way

[pre chorus]

<font size=1>Thanks to <b>Lizzy ([email protected])</b> for these lyrics</font>

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Número de Palavras 125
Número de Letras 774
Intérprete One Dollar Short

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