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1. If You Fear Dying

the bastard son I spit non fiction; in exile for a while now with raw friction; never be a pawn the boomerang be upon you; i'm like Fela with my heart in Venezuela; its a world favela so fuck the nove...

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2. Last Letter

your god is a homeless assassin; who roams the world to save; he's digging for buried treasures; he's leaving nothing but fields of graves; the tears will fly like birds of vengeance; the sky will bur...

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3. Ocean View

blood done been running down; streets flood with beats; pepper spray over cracked concrete; so vicious make a rich mans neck split; underworld bout to wreck shit bet this; banks closed stomachs churni...

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4. One Day As A Lion

Blood soaked earth that you call home; close your eyes but don't sleep; we comin' like peoples army; for the people who can't eat; who work with no sleep; for the child; with no shoes on their feet; a...

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5. Wild International

They say that in war; That truth; Be the first casualty; So I dig in selector; I the resurrector; Fly my shit; Sever your neck; Wider than ever; With my tongue; Dipped in funk arsenic; Burn this illus...

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