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1. Black Mercedes

The lights are on inside of my head; Back in the dark again; The street light burns my skin till I shed; My world is stolen; I watch him leave without a sound; The sky blew the moon down; He pulls awa...

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2. Loud And Clear

Loud and Clear; Shit gets hot in the city; Where the buses rule the road; And there's people trying to get me; For the only things I own; And if it don't change tomorrow; And I have a good feeling it ...

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3. Up In The Hills

Making changes, one by one; The city won't stop for anything; The people won't stop for anyone; And I can't say they're wrong; Waiting, waiting... for so long; The present won't stop for memories; The...

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4. You Got Me

Alot of yall been askin, here they go.... ; __________; ; You Got Me; No need to wonder why, Don't have to question, So clear your worried mind, ; Now I don't wanna lose you, But I'm tryin' do, what I...

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