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1. It Ain't Right

It ain't right to put our lives; Into the hands of thieves and liars; And I know you say I'll have to wait; In line at least for now but it ain't; Am right; Is it time to raise my hand; Or should I ev...

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2. Retribution Blues

Walk the line waste my songs; You had style you had charm; You were my lover; You were my only friend in this fucking world; All the light that would shine; Shines for me in your eyes my little liar; ...

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3. Satelite Hotel

She won't recognize as I'm walking right on by; Cause I'm slick like that when I don't want to go for a ride; I'll pass the neon sign says Satelite Hotel; There's a good place to sit and stare at the ...

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4. Scarecrows

Everybody says I know things that I already know; I left you out here on the road; And it seems that I can't let you go; But I know; That long days and longer nights; Will put you back into the spotli...

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