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1. Akilkarsa

Han var innan människans gryning; Ständigt vakar han; Under viljan är han dold; Han finns inom dig, han känner ditt väsen; Han är den ständige; Han är fienden; Han är den Eviga Döden och dess nickel; ...

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2. Blessed By Demoniac Wrath

Beast of death, thy dreaded return; We walk the bridge of death; We now see the bonestorm closing in upon us; The remains of endless cemeteries, In which we see thy ever so supreme being; Within murde...

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3. Djävulens Ande

Ett ondskans mörker flyter ut i skogarna; Nattetid, da kristet blod har sin vila; En ande fran den gamla världen; Nattens svarta valnad; En skugga fran urtiden; Djävulens hand pa jorden; En själens ba...

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4. Feeding The Flames

I look beyond my cold and frail gaze upon the mist floating by; I feel stigmatic-like pains and lightning through my ever so fragile being; I have now died and been awoken to life by spirits unknown; ...

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5. I

A morose fount of human Death that lies before me, At the end of this thornclad road; My wounds are deep, My cries are harsh; Was it Hell that I witnessed, has my time come? Or may I stay to witness t...

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6. I Kristi Skugga

Och med Kristi anlete reser sig ormen åter; I människors rök, Helvetets katarsiska låga; Från uråldriga elder i svavel, från avgrundsdjupen; Vidundret från forntiden, styggelsen från nedan; Fienden hu...

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7. Ii

Listen! All this, made by man, exists for one simple reason;; Further harmony amongst humans, happiness, materialistic utopia; Only a few work a counter way, To conquer, disharmonize and torture this ...

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8. Iii

Axioms denied; A blessed offering, The gift complete is your life (A gift ever increasing); The doctrine of lifelessness is above me, a paragon of complete perdition; We must all die, for we are but f...

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9. Iv

The emotions I have with me as I run through this observing night are none; The light of life is not with me, far beyond it am I; I don't know where I am! Deranged is my spirit, inhuman; Flesh of demo...

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10. Revelations Of Another Time

Over the deep darkened red-like horizon lies the crimson light above my head; When I walk towards the temple of sacrifice; Revelations of another time; I have been given a gift; I can see the true pro...

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11. The Fires Of Hell

In a world of depravation you can no more hope for bliss; Crush your human hopes with true faith; Violence, torture, murder, pedophilia and rape; Turn your back on life; Fail your own will; No more ne...

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12. V

King of awful majesty; Present in rape and fever; Oh, prince of lies and misguidance; Perverter of pious purity; True inversion of Holy divinity; Fortify the unholy pride of men; The Devil's path lies...

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13. Vi

I know something very old is present tonight; A moment out of this world, filled with something very ill; I smell death in this ugly place, far from the light of Christ, Which has impaled my eyes for ...

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