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1. Amateur

For you I ascend; Into the sky; Under the roof; Stands the bed and I; For you, a wonderland; For me, a dump; There's an amateur inside you that I love . . . For you the stars; Rub their eyes and stare...

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2. Don't Eat Your Heart Out

Don't eat your heart out; Somebody's waiting; And they don't care; Where you've been, or who you've seen; Or what they think; Don't eat your heart out; And whither waiting; For what's not there; In yo...

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3. Geraldine

An orange green labrador; Sits in the clouds; Geraldine watches nearby; The sun's going down on a; Shadow of doubt; A car careens into the drive; Way up the tree Geraldine's in her house; Dousing the ...

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4. I Haven't Been Me

Another sunny sunday morning; Finds me inside; The shadows and light; Pass through the empty hallway; I gave my best mahalia jackson; But nobody cared; No round of applause acknowledging i was there; ...

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5. Now That I've Disappeared

I know my dream; But can't explain; I'm rising slowly; Up to the air; Up where they know me; Now that I've disappeared; The hand that shakes me; Jars and wakes me and; I soon forget; My dreams and yet...

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6. Save Me

Thanks anyway, but a friend like you; I could do without; The sky's a hazy grey; I never seen it quite this way; Watch the sun now, like me it's sinking; {Feel the rain and the wind, seeping in; Got y...

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7. Stardust And Snow

I speak; can you speak? I move; can you move? The day's a long time ago; Petticoat and high-buttoned shoes; You turn up on a Sunday; Beside old slogan pins; You must have hung in the subway; If there ...

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8. Trumansburg

Well, you walk in time; A counter-clockwise clock; And you beat it in rhyme; Rhymes in stock; Maybe he's been; Maybe he's there; Maybe he swims in a fountain square; {Maybe his eyes will roll up; Some...

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9. Wait

One hour, I'll be there; Wait; The bridge is clear; Wait; The tires press and ache; Wait; Wait; I have heard swans; Wait; Call and respond; Wait; Through you comes an age; Wait; Wait

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10. When The Lillies Bloom

He closes his eyes; And loses his sight; Fingers the writings; That bring her delight; And he knows that he'll see her; But scared that it's soon; Thinking of her when the lillies bloom; The first gli...

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11. Where To Now

Join me on the sand and rest yourself; What's the rush to leav for someplace else? Listen to the folding waves; Watch the planes go by; Nothing we say or do secures our place; A gust of wind a thousan...

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