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1. A Dreamer Can Touch The Sky


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2. A Light In Paradise

How can you forget; your suffering future? You'll never forget; what I said to you; Time is the best friend of you; Summer is dawning as always I'll dress; the light in paradise; You'll never dream a ...

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3. A Sparrow Dances

To the gate of paradise, as angels lisp the hymn of life, perfumes and screams of people, inundate this night. ; My God give me power; to live again the scene; where I'll kiss her; and then so sweet I...

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4. Afraid To Believe

I can't see a reason to believe and hope; sometimes I smile like a fool thinking of you; I free my sight and I loose my mind; and I feel the truth and I come to say; (I'm afraid that I can't believe);...

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5. All Is Silent

The shade of love gives me your hallucination; I need to endure the solitude, this awfull screaming; To the sting of the atmost chaos, where the primordial wichness is so hideous; for description; ......

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6. Angeldust

Why should I suffer for thing that I never saw ? And if you; know which way to follow my soul emotions I'll give you; back indisposed me pale destiny travelers to realities that; sweeten my pain, trav...

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7. Atlantis I

Searching (for) beauty in my dreams, Atlantis Once upon a time, what I saw, Brought me despair, cause surrounding me, There where, only blue waters... ; Waves dancing and shining; In the cool breeze.....

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8. Atlantis II

I wondered if I could inhabit there forever; ,In the harmony that opium provides, In the field amidst the virgin colours; And admirable things; Atlantis on the bottom of the ocean, Unexpressed eyes, m...

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9. Aura

I follow a passion so dreamy; So optimistic, Like waking up from a deep sleep... I feel the aura; It transforms the numb feelings; Into thoughts...so dreamy thoughts; Flying in the clouds; I feel the ...

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10. Back To That Enigma

You will tear the planet; Like enigma and will be; Great like eternal sea of stars; Tell me what you feel when our bodies; Are crucified and what you feel; When speak form karma; Keep the pictures you...

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11. Black Cold Nights

I'll stay forever with you to the gates of paradise; Never leave me alone; Before the end of years muddy pictures like a light; I cry for you my soul; Forever stay in silence how can I fly with broken...

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12. Cleopatra

I feel a forbearing, strange feeling to capture me; The falling into the deep of the Blasphemy is what turns aside me; The cycle of wisdom makes me to feel the power; which marches to the deliverance ...

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13. Crystal Tears

I wonder if I have to believe in something better, I sleep heavily into the; cold of my pain or I travel to eternity... Through seasons of passions open your eyes, just try to be yourself; Nothing wil...

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14. Deep Thoughts

I speak to you like a frieland, a beck fray full of fame; Flames of hesitation today we'll see; Yearning after groans of pain I exult for me win a fad of; sorrow is coming from future to you; Blue hor...

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15. Desire

I sold my freedom eternal; Wondering if we must; Lament the dead forever; Tell me how to really feel inside; When I'm starting to get sick of you; In silence and pain; You are in my dreams; I'll stay ...

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16. Eden

Red wine I drink and to the golden coast I sing... Everything you search in your life here you will find; Don't loose your mind, don't let the time to take you far away you have to; find a better way,...

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17. Enigma

I think I have lost my way like ruin my soul throwing away into a city not; mine non yours; Do you remember? ...And I was running every spring around the earth to find a hope to bring you; the first r...

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18. Ethereal Blue

Maybe I lose you; But I touch the moon; In your hair I left moment; Like god I'll fly to ethereal blue; Light my way searching for you; Forgetting the sunsets of our soul; And touching with cold hands...

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19. Feed Her Lust

Take me to the skies like god; Like the pretty thought of youth; Follow your way and fight; For your tomorrow; I don't if I can; I can wait to believe; Open your eyes and live; Live to the moon; Confe...

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20. Feelings

In my hands a hope I hold; And to your breath's dew; I will be unable to sleep; In my hands a wave I hold and your body I describe, and beside you I come day; and night. I travel into the (blue) seas ...

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21. Future Narcotic

Another day I exist; The drug in my blood; The aquatic ballet; of dolphing in spacewater; You send me a miracle, an angels breath; Forgetfulness which hurts so deep; Movement to crowd is the sign of a...

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22. Gallant Nights

Hey, it looks wonderful today; it 's the perfect day to play "lonely". Why all the darkness? - Wait for the morning comes... Why all the pain? - Wait here to meet me... ; They thought always giving me...

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23. Heaven's Passager


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24. If I Could Fly

As I learn to fly, Like the white bird of the sea; I feel the immortal magic of the Etherial; With sun glowing, Sun Glowing like gold; Shine - like the sun; Fly - to the stars; Life is the unknown in ...

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25. In Heaven's Island

In heaven's island, Under the gold flowers of the sun; Into a drop of water, I feel my earthly lover... ; Let me be in the romantic Middle age, At the furthest beach in the universe; In heaven's islan...

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26. Infinity


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27. Lack In Resorts

Stay here; live up to; what we; believed in; the moments we cried; when our love died; when you arrived. ; Stay with me in this; time to remember; Let us be in this; garden forever; All my life; I've ...

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28. Life Can Be

What if I described you my only dream? What if I should tell you what is real? Would you be prepared to hear the truth? Could you be brave enough to listen? Walking on filthy roads I got insane. Revea...

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29. Love Can Be a Wave

The secret of flame silent I describe; From limitless domension; And endless horizons, I fly... ; Travelers all of us to the coast of hope; The lighthouse of life think that rule; The world, but they ...

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30. Midnight Falling

I don't know if we are something between god and demon; Weak mortals, transient beings doing invisible dreams; Eternal I will not lament as I am falling deep to your fears; My angel help me, feel me; ...

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31. Moving Cities

Can you feel my pain ? I leave me hands to you; I'm coming to an end and; everything will be so real; What you mean to me you see; moments that sign in time again; because everything pains me deep; Fa...

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32. My Angel

How long I will exist among dead stars; How long I will be a game without end; I will be waiting travelling to endless skies, choked into the seas of your; forgetfulness; Like a bird I am flying far a...

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33. Neverending Hope

I don't search for nothing in my life; as I close my soul in cold rain words of fears; Said me that you'll travel away from light; having no desire in this crazy fucking world; Don't betray your fate ...

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34. Obsession

Finally what you are is the same that we are everyone; You do infeasible dreams, like everyone you will learn to love if you learn to; suffer, like everyone; So discover the snake of your soul, think ...

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35. Oceans

In the magic mirror of my soul, I stare at the person that I love, It's the magical carpet on which, I travel on the erebus, In the land of fairy tales; So I close my eyes again; Feeling so lonely in ...

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36. On Thousand Times

The damnation of the centuries is still staying; Here, like the black cloud of grief, like the dull; Dawn of an autumnol day; Pain, sorrow, hystery is what offer to us our Lord, Watch the beautifull s...

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37. Ophelia

Sometimes were two, were two and was like one, One and so many together, among; capids and angels, we will fly forever... I have a mystic relation with the moon; Tonight, I will sprink moondust only f...

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38. Poster On A Wall

I can feel her calling me again; There is no voice but picture only; then I can't pretend I 'm just a man; Faith. Could I find her? Pain, Must be stronger. Isn't she for real, drowning in my fear? I c...

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39. Quotation For Listening

Help me. Will you? Tell me. Will you? This can be my last; searching in the past. ; Put the blame on; my obsessions. I have tried so much tonight; the moment seemed so right; Help me. Will you? Be my ...

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40. Rainy Days

The heat of love, that inflame my heart; comes to the deepest of my soul; Rainy days; It's so deep the reality... but maybe the dream will continue, a romantical dream, a spring water into the deserte...

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41. Rampant Of K-ism

All there is now is bars, drugs and parties; All we are now ketamized and burned minds; Reaching out for friends can bring the light from paradise; that can warm up; cold-blooded people, the people, I...

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42. Sick Screams

The shadowless street; smelled dry as sand you see the; sunshine behind my life; Let me listen to this do you mind ? You'll cry again lonely in the dark; And you will rise throught all the sick scream...

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43. Sunrise Of A New Age

Colors and melodies, shell my mind, Winds and perfumes, escort the sunrise of a new age, so long, from the human damnation, and the dance is beginning now... A mass face to face with life and death; I...

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44. The Blue Dream

Shadows of beauty here in the sin of love; I close my eyes and breath; Passion for life; One voice, one body learns to love; A simple thought for life is enough, The mood becomes a temptation, The tem...

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45. The K Song

Searching from the spacecraft's of mind; I fly to you, to eternal skies;

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46. The Threat of Seduction

And you hurt me inside; Knowing and killing my pride; Trying to take control; Changing my path; I fear the passion; I'm falling supporting in a dream; The automatic future; Seems like monster destiny;...

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47. Unsung Songs

From all I've seen and all I've known; there is one song I sing no more; there is a pain from deep inside; For many years I felt so strong; a single tear I did not share. I was that brave or I pretend...

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48. Vulptuous Simplicity Of The Line

As the nightfall brings the fear of darkness; The strange and magical type of the beauty; The splendid tone of silence; Find the road of my heart; I remember a big solitary state; So close to the inca...

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49. When I'm Gone

Save your self when I 'm gone; those wasted moments won't return. You will see me once again flying; but then you are on your own; When I 'm gone. ; The time, we spend it in this world. I won't forget...

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