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1. Architects Of Fear

The human being builds without sense; Single he thinks about their well-being; Cities here and there; Monstruosities done of metal; It's enough, for it's lie; It's enough, for it's enough....

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2. Primitive Instinct

Alone i'm thinking about an apparition; Who explains all this passion to me; All the violence that; I'm able to untie without control; I go attempt to think; That they will leave me in peace at last; ...

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3. Satanic Feelings

Walking down, throwing back, it's hard to me; To see things as simple as i've seen (them) before; To try to see the things from another prism; When everything, around becomes, fog to me; Soon verify, ...

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4. You Can't Hide

Throwing to see back; You don' t stop to think; Who'd you like to be; Which decision to take; You don't want to realise that everything is finished; The dream is over; Victim of your own ambition; I k...

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