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1. Assault In The Vatican

Marching on! Ready to kill; Priest beware! 'cause we're coming for you; We will destroy! All that's sacred; The churches burn! In ashes will end; There's no escape! From satan's fury; The holy see; No...

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2. Beyond The Burning Gates

Beyond the burning gates of heaven; Sorrow you will see; All celestial beings have banished; Destroying all within their path, there's no one left alive; The armies of evil they march on; The pearly g...

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3. Fallen Angels

As they fall from the sky; They are coming down to die; The battle has begun; Is the end for all their kind!!! Angels falling down, with their battle scars; Satan's troops of death, begin to rip their...

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4. In The Shadow Of The Cross

A sign of light, a sign of hope, in the cross is what they see; A path for those that who are lost, and can't make it on their own; Drop to your knees, start to pray, to win your place in paradise; No...

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5. No Idols

No gods above; No gods below; Fictional characters; That man creates; There's no divinity; Only false deity; Worship them or pray for your sins, there's no other way; Kill! kill! for your god's & thei...

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6. Seeking The Holy Throne

He came down to reclaim his holy throne; the only thing is he came too; Late; Oh! mighty messiah where is your kingdom now? You came too late, this is what you found... ; A kingdom of darkness is all ...

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7. The Downfall

Darkness descends; From above a dying sky; Judgemente day is coming; Time to face your fate! Rising from the deepest; Darkest pits of hell; We will hunt the holy; Till the very end; Al of those who op...

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8. Won't Be Saved

My black soul is full of hatred; The path that I chosen will never be changued! The hate for god grows stronger each day; Stop your prayers because I won't be... saved! All of my life; I have sin; Wit...

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9. Your God

Your god! is not my god, in hell! I will dwell; Your faith! is fading away, your god! is a lie!!! Do you believe in such a man? Who didn't die for our sins! x2; Who's sacrifice was in vain!!! Pray! Pr...

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