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1. Awakened By Twilight's Funeral

I wonder when they will let me go; But anyway they will always be there, so will death; Under my eyelids my eyes begin to dart and fro; Awakening will strike my lonely soul, so will their wrath; Dark ...

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2. Cloaked In Mystery

Flying through the clouds of the morning red; I chant the songs of the pure black; As their souls seek for the divine; I sacrifice their future on the altar of time; The bright morning sky suddenly tu...

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3. Demon's Lair

I don't know what lies beyond my grave; I don't know if I'll ever reach there; Everything have come to an end, met their death; I have buried them in the demon's lair; I have witnessed dark desecratio...

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4. Dust From The Aging Funeral

Freezing the pain in my screams; Dark figures get closer without a sound; Winds caress the gates heaven high; And storm my bones underground; I am not dead but I lie in the grave; In the damp soil why...

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5. Into The Beckoning Darkness

Again I feel drawn by my mystic subconscious; To be a part of the ominous sanctuary of the woods; Listening to the wolves revealing dark secrets; As I walk the shadows into the beckoning darkness; Aga...

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6. Mourning Day Ravens

Mourning for my ancient life; They cry their funeral screams; Moonlight shines into the black eyes; Moonlight is bright when they are in the skies; I've got no feelings left pain; Shivering in the bre...

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7. Nothing In Remembrance

Sunburnt landscapes slowly buried by the snow; To the deep red horizon the light seems to go; The night returns, creeping out of the graves; Clouds leave the rain, dancing in a deadly haze; Withered m...

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8. On The Shores Of Endless Worlds

There he was floating, up in the air; Shrouded by a black cloak; In the moonlight I stood enchanted; Hearing no voice but the murmuring wind; A twisted finger pointing into darkness... ; Then I saw a ...

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9. Our Lady Of Darkness

When I feel you are away, I know where you are gone; As I look out and see there is no shining sun; I walk into the woods, under the great trees; And reach the shores where your bright shadow is; Our ...

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10. Reborn Into The Night

The bitter sorrow of being left behind; As my cries are stuck in my throat; While they still dream on under the moonlit sky; Through the caressing winds of my final night; In the dark when the mournfu...

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11. The Shadowed Land

Meet me in the shadow of the living gargoyle; The howling of wolves will surround us tonight; With their mystical beauty their voices will possess; Dragging us into the darkness of our own souls; I'll...

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