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1. Ain't Nobody

Omg girls where yall at! Star, lolo beauty, and it's me; Baby carter let's go, chorus; You already know wassup I had about enough; Don't wanna be ya girl stop; Blowing me up I'm over you boy; I'm over...

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2. Baddie

(Babydoll speaking); (laughs); Oww; It's about that time (it's about that timee); Purple, Pink, and Blue; Omg, Salute; Getcha Life, Lehgo! Turn Up, Boss Up! Verse 1 (Beauty); Hit the scene and we turn...

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3. Gucci This (Gucci That)

Gu-gu-gu-gucci this gucci that; Omg on everything; I'm so official yall you can check my record. my dress; Code is elevated , no one can do it better. What kind of chick you know wear louis from head ...

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4. Haterz (Feat New Boyz)

Hay you already know...... Lolo omg major p new boyz we got haterz; We got haterz where dhey at ayyy oh; Dhere dhey go oh dhere dhey go dhere dhey go; Dhere dhey go ayyy hay ayye heyy ayee hay aye; Lo...

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5. Pretty Girl Bag(Feat Ariel)

Shout out to soulj boy; Louis, gucci, prada, juicy, dior, fendi, coach . . . lego; This right here is my bag, omg they on me, swag; All the haters, pay attention; Cause this right here is my, pretty g...

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6. So Official

Yeah, Ohh; ( Star ); Im feeling you in the worse way. You seem like me. Im trying to keep the player, But the game on freeze. Stunting like louis. Stay up in the newi. And baby like youi. See you and ...

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7. Where The Boys At

Beauty - holla back if you hear me! (hear me, hear me); I didn't come out to hang with just my girl's tonight. Cause lately I'm feeling lonely! (lonely, lonely); I need the perfect boy to rock my worl...

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