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1. Angel In Disguise

ceali is gone away; and shes never comin back here again; i understand; i know where your comin from; so take your time; you've planned this since the first time we met; oh; are u ever comin back; are...

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2. How Bizarre

Brother Pele's in the back; Sweet Seena's in the front; Cruising down the freeway; In the hot, hot sun; Suddenly red blue lights; Flash us from behind; Loud voice; "all will please step out onto the l...

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3. Land Of Plenty

A Long White Cloud Ancient Land, ; Open Field Sacred Ground, ; Bays Of Plenty, The Bluff, The Cape, ; Streaming Sands, Boiling Place, ; White Water Swells, Bridges Of Old, ; Deep Clear Nights, Open Sh...

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4. On The Run

a why did i do it, a why did i do it; i asked myself a hundred times and then i start to cry; its up to my neck now im runnin like a dog; i can't remember how it started; but its too late to turn back...

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5. Right On

Oh, do you remember; When we were young? We just had fun; Pedal to the metal, shine into the steel; Sitting up front, Elivisi by the wheel; Putting out of Island Bay, weather looking fine; Flick the s...

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