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The king´s been replaced
Abandoned is the throne
He left in a haste

Days of darkness
Have come to our land
Fate of men
Is in warriors hands

One - one word
Poisoning the air we breath
One - one word
Shakes the earth beneath our feet

Hear me now
A word from the wise
The strongest of men
Now have doubt in their eyes

Listen all
To the bleak wind howl
Through empty halls
You can hear it growl

One - one word
Poisoning the air we breath
One - one word
Shakes the ground beneath our feet

It goes...

Straight through the heart
An arrow of steel
Our world falls apart
We´re lost for all eternity
Straight through the heart
In blood we must kneel
One must depart
Another build a dynasty

Listen here
You can trust no one
They´ll stab you in the back
Then they´ll turn and run

In the night
You search for a light
Just a flickering flame
In the darkest of nights

One - one word....

Save us - lead us from confusion
Save us - give us absolution
Save us - save us from ourselves
And the darkness in our hearts
And guide us on our way back into the light

Ficha Técnica da Música One Word

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Número de Palavras 165
Número de Letras 1090
Intérprete Olympos Mons

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