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1. Ever Since New York

Tell me something, tell me something; You don't know nothing, just pretend you do; I need something, so tell me something new; Choose your words 'cause there's no antidote; For this curse or what's it...

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2. Fight For You

I see you on your own; Walking throw the rain and; I can see it in your eyes; You're crying out will someone take the pain away; Just give me a chance; To keep you warm and take you home; I know how t...

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3. Here To Stay

Darling; Tell me where are you going? I'm falling, didn't you notice? Didn't you notice? We've been talking; You can't feel my emotions; I'm trying so hard to show them; But I'm frozen; And the words ...

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4. Jailhouse

I've been shaking the cage; Not an insect to the flame; No I won't let a light stand in my way; When there's blood on my hands; I hope you understand; That I won't be afraid to do it all again; You're...

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