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1. 39

This one's for Christian, This one's for Gabe, This one's for Justin, This one's for me, ; Every time it came He took the pain, He took away, And in our place He stands, Everyday, all day, He lived to...

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2. 808

Seven in the morning; Sunlight on the ceiling tells the time to wake up; But we're already soaring; Through the morning routine, routine; And I'll get away with memories of you; Get away with memories...

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3. Along The Way

There are moments in life; Where time stands still; Clarity of thought; Knowing your will; The chaos around; Fades away; And all that's left is... ; Open my eyes; No compromise; Let me be a living sac...

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4. Are You Out There?

How many times can I try and; Get it through to you? When all the things I say; It's never been enough for you; And everyday it seems another way; You can put your life on hold again; I've tried so ha...

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5. Butterflies

If thoughts were butterflies, A thousand would be flutter flying, Round about all throughout, The vast expanse between my ears, ; Disarming, fuctioning, and making listening; Deaf to your voice, Deaf ...

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6. Feelings

I lie awake in sleepless wonder I can hear; A city rising on its way to a record year; Coffee and traffic lights they all will set the tone; Houses grow together they all would rather; Be alone; Feeli...

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7. Heaven

My voice will crack; The notes will shake; Ground will move; And the mountains quake; Every knee will bow; Tongue will scream; Scream out loud:; "Jesus is here, now; Jesus is here."; First time round;...

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8. Kid Innocence

With every minute passing by I'm spending my life; One coin at a time; what have I done, what can I give; one life I own, one life to live; what will be said when I am gone; he kept his life, shared w...

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9. Kill The Grey

Reheat my, reheat my... heart so the heat; Will restart, restart the... dwindling; Fire that separates... I from I; Countdown that has begun... 7, 6, 5, for; What I am doing... I do not understand; Fo...

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10. Letters In White Lines

my legs ache, it's so cold. and i know this door like the back of my hand. maybe i have the wrong adress. maybe the wrong key in my hand. if it opens, will i enter? and what happens if i don't like wh...

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11. Look To The Stars

Tell me why you think you need something more; now's the time to move on; sing a new song; day by day passes by (passes by); you say you're doing fine; but you're never full; always on empty never eno...

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12. Missing

Take a look around; Tell me what you see; Do your eyes sing of un-describable things; You've never heard or even seen; If you take the time you'll see; There's something missing; You're missing the fu...

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13. Novocain

Two hours later at the movie its over; Painted pictures of murder and slaughter; but no tear falls from my eye (falls from my eye); No pain deep down inside (deep down inside); feels like Novocaine, i...

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14. Saturday

Night of friday gotta feel it, weekends over we can begin it. over sunday follow monday, no this is a saturday; and i'm feelin' great; one thing left to do; (time to say); beautiful day; (time to say)...

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15. See You Never, See You Soon

I'm tired of trying to explain this to you; It's gone way too far; And when I wake, it's all I think about; And all of this time has got to go; I've been out on my own so long; I should have left alon...

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16. Shut It Out

I have nothing you need, just a lot to hide; So why am I still here with You by my side; All I do is mess up, do the wrong thing; Instead of shining light, darkness shines through me; Don't wanna talk...

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17. Something Greater

If there's so much to be said; Why do I have nothing to say; What makes my blood boil; What makes my heart break; It makes my stomach hurt and; Tears roll down my face; I know tomorrow will be another...

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18. Stars & Stripes

Count all the stars; notice one thing there all thinking of you; and the future plans of prosper and peace; soon you will see; it doesn't matter where you are; it only matters who you're with; can you...

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