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1. Echo

I took 5 on the way home; Called you for a little piece of mind; Was out lookin' for some healin'; But it seemed a little hard to find; No man's an island, do you not see that I need you? 'Cause you n...

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2. Ok Love You Bye

Okay, love you, bye; I didn't mean to pick a fight; But, oh well, note to self; Four pints in, you're someone else; If you can't see my mirrors; Then I can't see you; So don't say you won't forgive me...

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3. The Hardest Part

Call me up to meet you; Static on the phone; Normally I need you; This time I don't wanna go; Lately I've been growing; Into someone you don't know; You had the chance to love her; But apparently you ...

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