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1. Evilution

Rising from the womb of the sea; Lifts his eyes to the sun; Wonders where he's going to be; I am man, I've just begun; Planning choices of survival; Killing beasts to ease his fast; This animal walks ...

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2. Mendes Prey

Caught in the spell of the looking glass; The hooded cloaksmen bring the ravens past; Summon thy lord disciples of Mendes; Save our lamb from the beast now living; A sacrificial feast you're the Mende...

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3. Old World Nites

After dusk the echoes of lost agonies; The stench of death drifting through the lanes; Ungodly voices in writhing misery; Faceless presence with eyes insane; Starlight the blood of souls invade; Twili...

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4. Silent Scream (prelude To Death)

Black mist is the breath of night; Sworn to burn for a demon's right; Toiling with unholy dreams; In the blood of a sacred stream; Visions become reality; Rotting my brain oh god help me; No more will...

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5. Sister Cybele

Time has slipped away; Your life is stolen; I see you wrestle with your dreams; Heavens stand open; And scatter their riches; My hands need but gather their wealth; Love's arms beckon; With their nake...

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6. The Last Prophet

Can't cope the psychic pain; I'm wasting away; Fear grips my second sight; The season of change; My wisdom was for sale; To sell was my greed; Knowing the hours past; Are the last for me; Prophet of p...

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7. Trapped

See their eyes see their hate; Feel the stares burn in my head; And they know they're better than you; They criticize your choice of life; Don't realize that they're the ones not right; But you find o...

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