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1. Good Company

Now it's always once upon a time; In New York City; It's a big old, bad old, tough old town, it's true; But beginnings are contagious there; They're always setting stages there; They're always turning...

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2. Once Upon A Time In New York

[Georgette]; Girl, we've got work to do; Pass me the paint and glue; Perfect isn't easy; But it's me; When one knows the world is watching; One does what one must; Some minor adjustments, darling; Not...

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3. Perfect Isn't Easy

Now listen up; You've got a lot to learn; And if you don't learn you don't eat; But if you're tough; And always use your head; You'll feel right at home on the street; When you've got talent ev'rythin...

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4. Streets Of Gold

One minute I'm in Central Park; Then I'm down on Delancey Street; From the Bow'ry to St Marks; There's a syncopated beat; Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo; I'm streetwise; I can improvise; Whoo, whoo, who...

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5. Why Should I Worry

verse1:; Drivin'in yo Benz-o; Shined up yo rim-zo; Ashtray full of-; Toss it out the window; Ladys pass just a a**hole; Leavin' nigga f**k yo cash flow; I got my own account; I'll pay them h**s to max...

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