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1. Awaiting Your Reply

You've had some time to do your thinking; So whatcha gonna let me do; I made an offer of redemption; A chance for you to be renewed; Signed and sealed in blood; Just for you; I only need your confirmat...

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2. Heaven Is On My Side

I'm groovin' like a rock n roll star; And I'm singin' while I'm drivin' in my car yeah; Yes sir, I am feelin' alright; This time I have seen the light; I betcha think that I'm goin' too far; I'm on a ...

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3. High Time

I want you to know; It don't matter where you at or what you done; The partys on; And you got a standin' invitation from the Son; His heat is better; It's gonna change the way you feel top to toe; So ...

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4. Keep Movin'

Another bad mistake; Got you locked inside of your prison; And you need a break; But you're stuck in a rut; You're spendin all your time just lookin back; But your're missin out; You gotta get back on...

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5. Resting Day

I have found a place to dwell; Here in the presence of a love; That knows me well; A heavenly favor over me; I have found a place where I belong; And all I have to do is call your name; And I am there...

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6. Rock Steady

I got to build my house on a solid ground; Makin' sho that everything is safe and sound; Gots ta dig deep on the truth I found; Cuz I wanna be prepared when it comes around; Sooner or later a flood is ...

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7. She's Like no Other

This one goes out to my Mother; Cuz I wanna let her know; She's a very special lady in mylife; Thru my joy and thm my sorrow; She's been there right from the start; Spending a lifetime; Being a mirror...

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8. Step Into My Light

Mr. Doubt; Won't you come on in; Loave your guard behind; For some time you've been wonderin'; Is there more to life? If you open your eyes; And forget all the lies; You'll be surprised by what you'll...

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