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1. Andy

Liar! She is a lazy girl; She wants all the world; She wants free food; She wants free ride; She thinks that she looks good; Get out here loose; Get out here loose. ; I don't want to say( I love you);...

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2. Delirium Tremens

You don't care about you; You don't want to be yourself; I'm tired of your old tips; Your conceptions are so dumb; Do it, enjoy it, stop to talk, stop to laugh; You are the same as the people you hate...

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3. Even Jesus Hates You

When you are just walking down the street; Just thinking of sheep; When you think like a punk; When you feel like a grunge; When you feel, this anger is not over yet; When you feel just like a dust; W...

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4. Radio Waves

I'm surfing; On radio waves; I don't care; About your face; If i'm fine; All Right; Hmmmmmmm; The television; Raped my mind; Where is your #reason? Can you find; I can't see you; I can't feel you; I c...

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5. The Prisoner Of Myself

I don't know why, but it all stays in my mind; There is no sunshine here; I can't breath, I can't mind, I'm blind. ; I'm in the prison; You are my teacher; Teach me the reason; To turn off my old visi...

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