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1. Better Days

And I'll go walking; As far as it takes; And I'll go dancing; Till the rhythm it breaks; Goodbye; I've seen better days you know; We'll take it slow, take it slow, take it slow; Run me to the ground; ...

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2. Love Brought Weight

What is love; Did I miss it; Am I home; Or still adrift; Love brought weight to this heart of mine; Gone to waste in due time; Keep on moving; If you still can; A simple home; A love in hand; Love bro...

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3. Sleeping In The Park

It's 8pm; I walk home from a hit; That I never really felt within; Go home go to sleep; Be a dreamer; Don't be a thief; And I act surprised; I met a blind man; Who probably could have seen her eyes; A...

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4. Tidal Wave

It's heavy now; We don't train; Come back down, keep it safe; Spinning room, lost my mind; Keep it up, killing time; Don't wait up, it'll be okay; Though it's coming at my like a tidal wave; Pick it u...

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