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1. Awakened

Losing the fear in a way without return; A empty look and without pity; And that feeling; That you awakened inside of me; Fruit of your insane mind; Now I will destroy; Look into my eyes; And ask me t...

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2. Blood On Hands

Everything around you; And all the things around you; Maybe you've noticed; The why of your existence; All doors are closed; And dirty hands of blood; But still a light; Can make you blind? Behind the...

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3. Destroy The Walls

All sadness in my face; All hate in my veins; And my bloodspill; Don’t go in vain; Fucking insanity; Fucking dogs of government; Fucking woulds in my skin; Stupid words,stupid worms; I scream, I’m ali...

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4. Dream Alone Is Illusion

How many times we think in desist? Look to back, persist without regret; Letting by side what was a dream; Pulling by yourself the only thing that was perfect; Feeling insecure for the others; That sh...

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5. Frozen

I'm feeling; Like a empty; In the middle of nowhere; Hollow inside; And a hell of ice; Form in my chest; Something can make me complete? Something can comfort me? Something that turn me away? Take me ...

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6. Lies And More Lies

Lies and more lies; Something hidden; And behind it all; A different story; What we do? Maybe something can be of your mind. Or it maybe all you really thought; Lies – to me; Lies – around me; Lies – ...

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7. My Last Word

Completely foolish; I wait the day of my last word; Forget what was and will be; Feel the wind and last breath; Dissolving my anguish; Corroded inside; I wait the last sign of hate; That always runs t...

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8. Setback

I walk by the streets and I see in the eyes; The brightness that erased; People have empty looks; They look to the time without being; But I can see shining in the middle of all darkness; Eyes full of...

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