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1. Inner War

These walls are visions of all my futures lost; I see my life ruined in every block built; We lost the war, we sink all our dreams; These are the ruins right before my eyes; You say you are never alon...

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2. Nothing Beyond The Skies

No one but me could look at those eyes; I saw all my fears, dreams and my death within them; And I could also see that there's nothing beyond the skies; Those eyes are as dark as the sky above the clo...

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3. Soulless

I am the error and the ruin of this family; One day my father told me that I was born to do away; With all the empire that he fought to build; And now I feel it inside, I feel; I hear voices whisperin...

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4. Woe and I (Left By The Dead)

I never took a step back; I never had the thoughts of a coward; We never had the need to look back; Because we never thought about the best for this world; We are the ashes of a soul on fire; I am a s...

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