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1. Always Love

Late night, cold heart; Don't you need to find a girl? One that takes away the pain you feel you; Can't get enough; Your mind's been made up; And to always think that; You go, so far; Just to not be a...

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2. Back To The Start

When we were young; All we knew; Those days were ours; The time it flew by so fast; But what is it that we do; We found our way to the milky way; To follow dreams; But this blood ain't in our veins to...

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3. Chances

So when I go; Your wisdom is close; I know that goodbyes mean nothing at all; A silent retreat; A quiet defeat; Falling behind means giving your all; Make your mind up now that you are grown; It's tim...

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4. Chasing Smoke

He said he's been running; From the ghosts of the lives he's had; He sees himself in the killers eyes; But it's no surprise; They want you scared now; Cause they know you're a hurricane; Always a thre...

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5. Hollow Tree

When the night is dark; And I see you there; I could be your light; From the midnight terrors; When you're feeling lost; And it's hard to find; All you have to do; Is walk outside; And oh, my; Got me ...

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6. I Don't Wanna Go Out

Yeah, you're always on my mind; Wherever I go I see your signs; But, oh, you caught me by surprise; Oh, how did you know what I was thinking of; Lost at the party; Searching for somebody; It's the sam...

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7. In My Head

Well, look at us, we're so fake now; We're hiding in the shadows; Talking to ourselves; Now I see spirits glow; Taking tokes till my head chills; Gotta filter the show; Yeah, it's out of control, but ...

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8. In The Rain

There are some days I wake up; Seems like it's all made up; Who is it I need to be; I'd like a soft reminder; Something to calm the fire; That's burning in my heart; I know there's something in the ra...

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9. Learn To Forget

But your early mornings always come to soon; Wish you could sleep away the afternoon; And wake up when it's all done; Said you're packing up and headed for the sun; Won't you show me what I'm doing wr...

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10. Phantoms & Friends

When I awoke I felt the call to go; Those places that I never thought I'd go; I spent the time to see which way to walk; But now that road just crumbles as I talk; Don't let the ones that want to stea...

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11. Sugar City

Time slips away as the colours they paint fade to grey; I'm okay; Lessons are learned as the fires they burned made us tame; In this game; Sugar won't you come do it; I know you got secrets to hide; H...

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12. Tomorrow Man

Man, did you always want this; Are you just here for pleasure; I need something more; So give me what I want; Man, why you always look like; You got fire inside your eyes; I guess you lost your mind; ...

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