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1. Boxes

Silvia brings to mind the time I'd choose to buy my place; Smiles an ankward smile and sadly rubs in my face; She says not one more word about our fighting long ago; She lets the ankward smile remind ...

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2. Her Scarf

She wears a piece of cloth around her neck to protect her from the cold; And we both smile as we identify the signs of our mutual growing old; It lets us gradually grin at the thought of our past; And...

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3. Ruler Of My Heart

When the mother of things says: "Son, head for the water"; You turn to sea and become a sailor; For the love of sailing; "Come back, come back", says the girl in the harbor; Her lamp lit up, calling o...

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4. Summer Of Some Odd Year

The summer I met you I passed it at a café somewhere near here; Didn't think much about much, minor worries in mind; And a strange kind of feeling towards feelings and such; But love as much in the he...

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5. Time Time Time

They said you wouldn't do it; And you stepped up; Defended yourself in a way that I didn't think you willing of; Took hold of things that way; Then moved aside; Refusing to give yourself in now meant ...

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