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1. Alone Walking

Alone walkyng, in thought plaining, And sore sighing, all desolate; Me remembryng, of my livyng, My dethe wishyng, bothe erly and late. ; Infortunate, is so my fate, That vote ye what? Out of measure....

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2. Devoured Carcass

Devoured Carcass; Lost in a land in the middle of nowhere; Body bolted to the gournd; Trunk-liquor dries in sores; Unsupported on mothers floor; Impossible to stand the heat; Ants begin to eat the mea...

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3. Haunted

Haunted; When an heir is born, he is heard to mourn; And when ought is to befall; That ancient line in the pale of moonshine; He walks from all to hall; His form you may trace, but not his face; 'tis ...

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4. Incantation

Incantation; The man of Ea am I; The mand of Dakima am I; The messanger of Markuk am I; My spell is the spell of Ea; My incantation is the incantaion of Marduk; The circle of Ea is in my hand; The Tam...

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5. Nocturnal Hell

Into the dream world slowly I creep; into the land that I go when I sleep; This time I`m trapped and cannot return there are; certain things a mere mortal can learn; Wildest fantasy at first it feels ...

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