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1. American Style

If you're working for the weekend; Got mud to drive your Jeep in; Your baby's name is inked in; Your heart on your sleeve; If you play a Stratocaster; Your dad's a Baptist pastor; You rock a leather j...

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2. Break Up With Him

Hey girl, what's up? I know it's late, but I knew you'd pick it up; Naw, I ain't drunk; Okay, maybe I do have a little buzz but; That song came on and I just thought; What harm could come from one lit...

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3. Do It With Me

If you wanna fall; Baby, you know who to call; You can always fall into me; If you wanna hang; Girl, you know it ain't no thang; You can hang like a peach on a tree; You can be the gin; And tonic on m...

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4. Hear You Now

You used to say if I kept dragging my feet one day I would wake up alone; You told me if I wasn't careful I was gonna mess around and hurt someone; I didn't know that it was me you were talking about;...

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5. I'll Roll

West coast hippie in a pickup truck; With stickers all over the back; Vanity plate that says "Livin' Life"; I bet you love to take it off the map; You seem like a girl who sleeps under the stars; Ever...

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6. Make It Sweet

I know it's a drag, I know it's a grind; I know that a dollar ain't worth a dime; Just trying to keep up with the Jonesesat the end of the block; I know you get tired, I know you get down; I know you ...

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7. Midnight Mess Around

You're riding right beside me in my car; Looking like you wouldn't tell me no; I'm thinking about taking it too far; I don't think that we can make it home; A hotel room or a parking lot; 'Cause I got...

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8. My Heart Is a Bar

Well, I have a reputation; Of being a late night destination; Like I'm some kind of vacation; For lost souls; My door is always open; They come in lonely, they come in broken; To figure out where they...

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9. Never Be Sorry

We swung our feet off of the edge of the moon; We got that high for a minute; Sometimes forever gets away from you; No matter how hard you grip it; Sorry the sky fell down; Sorry I don't know why; All...

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10. One Man Band

Been flyin' solo for so long; Nobody's singin' the harmony; Up there just me and my shadow; No bass, no guitar, no tambourine; And I found you like a melody; You were singin' in the same key as me; We...

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11. Paint the Grass Green

I don't know what's been going on inside that head of yours; But lately you've been looking out that window more; That gypsy soul inside of you is what I fell in love with; I wonder if it's coming bac...

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12. Smooth Sailing

I feel like a beat up back road; All full of potholes; Man, I'm on a hell of a ride; Doing my best and I can't get arrested; I can't get time on my side; Down on my luck and I'm down on my knees; And ...

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13. Snapback

Strictly outta curiosity; What would happen if you got with me? Kissin' you would hit the spot with me; Come on skip a couple rocks with me; Gimme any of your heart tonight; Ain't no reason that we ne...

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14. Some People Do

I know you're hurt, I know it's my fault; But I've kept "I'm sorry" locked in a vault; I know that time just keeps going on; And words by themselves can't right all the wrongs; In a world that's gone ...

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15. Song for Another Time

Right now we both know; We're Marina Del Ray; Planes gonna fly away; And you'll be on it; And by this time tomorrow; I'll be singing yesterday; The sunshine's gonna fade; And we can't stop it; So befo...

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16. Written In The Sand

Turn me on turn me off; then you turn me back on by the weekend; And you won't say the words; that I want but you flirt when you're drinkin'; I see those bubbles pop up; like you're texting then they ...

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