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1. Cindy

Cindy decided to leave her childhood diary under her bed; She burned almost everything except for her wedding ring; Because she threw that in the sea; She hid in her neighbor's yard and watched as the...

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2. Instead

Are you counting those things again; In hope that they get you in; Pretending the wind is a breeze; And letting your body freeze; And if you ask yourself you could stop these wayward pleas; So get up ...

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3. Jordanna

Come into vision; And last; Same psalm mother sung; Drink from your flask; And ask; If anyone has a favorite; And we’ll sing; We sing alone at the top of our lungs; Voices ring; Escape outside the cat...

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4. Photo Booth

Dog’s asleep out in the yard; Cat’s up on the roof; We’re out drinking at the bar; Down each others pants; In the photo booth; Wake me up still dark outside; Talking in your sleep; Something about an ...

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5. Run Off The Road

When you finally scaled the wall; Thinking you had heard the siren singing; What you really heard was a broken bird; Making out like it's a dove; When you stole the soldier's car; Everybody knew what ...

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6. The New Science

Can we see the new results of this constant reverie; Can we come up with new insults while we're sleeping; By the pound, by the second we design ourselves; Align our shelves with obedience; In due tim...

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