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1. Am I Dreaming

Am I dreaming baby? Are you for real? Things are kind of hazy; And my head's all cloudy inside (Inside); Now I've heard talk of angels baby; But never though I would have one to call mine; (Never thou...

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2. Come With Me

Baby don't you; Be afraid; I promise I'll be good to you baby; Baby don't you; Be afraid; I'll give you my lovin'; Come here baby and let me talk to you; And let me care for you; Baby like you want me...

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3. Don't Be Afraid

(Rap); Ol Skool; Check it; I met you out about a week ago; Club hoppin; And by the way that you was kickin'; I could say that you was show stoppin'; See I was poppin' off game; To the ladies in the ba...

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4. It Won't Let Go

I been watching you; And I know you been watching me; I saw with someone; And I had someone at home waiting for me; But it don't mean a damn thing; Long as this feeling's right; So come over here; Cre...

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5. Just Between You And Me

Baby it's alright alright; Baby it's alright alright; Ohhhh; Y'all don't hear me; Ol Skool sang; Say ya want a real man lady; Who can hit the nana baby; Girl I can turn you on; Until the break of dawn...

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6. Set You Free

No one can love ya girl; As much as I do; No one can hold you; The way that I do; And girl without you; Here by my side; There's no way I'd continue to carry out; This life that I live; Chorus:; Befor...

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7. Slip Away

No matter where you wanna go; You'll always know; Forever you and me; Everything to me; Oh it doesn't matter how far you are; You're always a part of my heart; I want you here with me; Right next to m...

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8. Still Here 4 U

I'm just a simple man; Searching for romance; Tell me could you be the one; See I don't ask for much; Just a simple touch; Baby you got it goin' on; I can't resist your smile; The thought of it just d...

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9. Touch You

Just like a flower in the springtime baby; Needs a little love to breath and sunshine; Baby I need you; You cross my heart and hope to die; Girl I'll trade in my life; I'll give anything just to be wi...

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10. Without You

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]; Give it to ya raw! Yo it's that old school shit; About 12 years old; Let's get physical operate your brain to function; I remember the Gods at the junction; Conjunction junction w...

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