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1. Bright Lights

Surrounded by the night; In an ocean of gloom; We're wasting our time on the moon; The rawness of the sea needs no excuse; Lay down in our bed out in the dunes; But then we lost the tense and woke up;...

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2. Deal With The Digger

I got a deal with the digger; An iron-lung dragon he is; He hides behind corners; And whistling; He trades your soul for a kiss; I've learned what the losing end is; I didn't read his contract; As wel...

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3. Just To Hear You Sleep

Can't you see that I have lost all my pride? Waiting in the fields; I almost cry; But I know; That I won't let go; Can't you see; We hide in lies; Now I'm sitting in the fields; And I cry and cry; But...

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