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1. Acid Jazz

Brass colored lights glow eye blinding eye show no it ain't; disco but it makes you move; six stringed intro saxophone; solo no it ain't disco but it; makes you move; You feel it you want it you; need...

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2. Anarchy People

We fight a cause that never died, We never gave up, we always tried, You tell us how to live our lives, But you never take our sides! <i>[Chorus:]</i>; Anarchy people! Oi! Oi! Oi! Anarchy people! Oi! ...

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3. Another Battle

Got nowhere to go, got nothing to do, The punks are going out tonight, 20 years we never die, You laugh at us, as we walk down the street, Another cause, another fight, We'll fight it 'till the end of...

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4. Deep Breath

Rise up, get out of bed grab my bag and go outside, on the; porch i sit for an hour, just; having a good time. pack it; up 3 times or 4 so i can get; myself some kix, by myself or; with a group of fri...

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5. Hotel Hospitality

Look foward to the end of the week, look foward to all you can eat, come to the hotel of hospitality... take everything that you can, every thing homecooked in a pan, looks so fucking good you cannot ...

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6. I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend

Wake up late you know; you're just a kid inside watch t.v. and sleep til noon the days a waste of time regrets; that you have will catch up with you; soon when you look in the mirror the; reflection m...

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7. Nuke The Nazis

They don’t think about their conscience, They do think about what’s right. All they do is kill innocent people, And their stupid fucking lies! C’mon let me hear you say, Nuke the Nazi’s Nuke the Nazi’...

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8. Oi! Punx

One, two, one two three go! The right to choose, the right to lose, You fucking tell me what to do, You have us in mind when you make your laws, Another soldier's name going on the wall... ; A one way...

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9. Other People's Clothes

I'm all dressed up, in other peoples clothes; they're not mine, and everybody knows my standard; of living's at an all-time low i'm all dressed up; in other peoples clothes. ; Every time i go somewher...

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10. Police Harassment

Have you ever thought about the boys in blue? And all the ways they shit on you? Beat you down with a big black stick, Police harassment makes me sick! <i>[Chorus:]</i>; POLICE HARASSMENT! FUCK THAT! ...

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11. Revolution

Boots n' braces, spikey hair, you see us on the street, Dead end youth with no hope now it's time to fight back, No future, no feelings, fighting for our rights, We still fight for something... Injust...

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12. Skatastrophe

skatastrophe in the lounge, people yellin, people dancin in the crowd. muscle heads lift em up and throw em out, a reason for this action cannot be found. ; when will we know, why you're doin' this? w...

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13. Two Pints Over

Sitting back waiting; and watching at my clock, taking my time to come over; this road block, my actions; on pause cause im feeling; so bad, got millions of problems; poundin inside my head, my eyes r...

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14. War Is Sick

On the news, every night, body count, another fight, No one loves, everyone hates, everyone wants to terminate, Bosnia, Jerusalem, the whole idea is really dumb, Killing here, killing there, lives are...

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