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1. 3 2 4 3

Looked in the mirror the other day; Caught my reflection; My mouth had moved a different way; The muscles were straining; If I hadn't walked eight miles to make something else happen; The day would've...

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2. After All

Don't bark, I'll be coming back and need no one to know; I'll just be up the street dying to be alone; After all the commotion; After all, I need to plant my rose; Late night when you leave behind a s...

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3. Flood Your Gut

The tallest person that I ever met; Couldn't even reach your head; Leaky fixtures flooding your gut; You found God and felt grown up; Your whole vision's not enough; Your whole vision's not enough; Yo...

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4. Ghost

You are the product of a happenstance; Your father's eyes and your mother's hands; You dream about the other side of the road; And you hold it close; While you hold the wheel close; Antiseptic analyti...

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5. Selling Candy

Selling candy on the way home; Would be nice to be alone; Disappearing for six hours; Doors unlocked, dad's in the shower; Crossed the big street, it's not lava; The best hot dog guys got problems

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6. Some Kind Of Calm

Some kind of calm is understandable; To fall asleep with a mind so full of holes; While the world is turning; Still, I couldn't let them go; Can't fall asleep with a mouth of cotton, cold; This immuni...

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7. Spell It Out

It's time to get up, babe, it's already morning; I know I shouldn't bother you, but consider this a warning; There's sixteen ways you've figured out to quickly kill my spirit; I want to tell you quiet...

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8. Sturgeon Moon


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9. The Limit

I reached my limit today; I tried to fly too high; Can't stomach the thought of it; I've never tried; I move and move again; You went too slow; You moved a mountain; I tried to go below; Words fumble ...

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10. Twitch

Everything bores me and everything hurts; Is this what it means to be human machine? A cog in a wheel to an end? 'Cause they're not my heroes and I'm not a friend; Walking around with my head in the c...

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