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1. 5-1

You, you knew what to do; The lights were on you; I felt a little jealous; Bring, that selfish old scheme; This unrelated pain; I've been waiting for; Following the trail of blood stains; Attempts to ...

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2. Aposta

Vem cá, que eu nao quero mais não, Se meu sonho é meu par, o desgosto é meu chão. Pensa que eu não levo a sério. E os meus passos dançam quando eu menos quero; Deixa a resposta, que eu já não me impor...

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3. Colder

It's been some time; Can you remember my name? They said you've changed but to me you're the same; Those blue sad eyes gave me a heart attack; Oh just like they used to do; Some years ago; Yeah, you w...

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4. Honestly

Suddenly, I'm standing on my knees; And there's no reason to be proud about it; Oh it gets really harsh to see; When your friends refuse to try and help; Even god formed his doubts; I'll lay off my ha...

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5. How Things Start

It's friday night into the city; They rather turn it up; You know as trying to impose; When you get this unrestricted feeling before the time to go; Straight ahead you'll find yourself alone; But it's...

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6. Lavisher

You based an entire war; Into one silly battle; And keep going onwards with the same mistakes; You made me lost my pace; You made me listeless; When it's not about the things you do, but the ones you ...

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