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1. 12 Years Later

lost in the cold that i've never known; awaken only by a miracle; sit in the blood; and let your eyes flood; just don't let go... ; (i owe it all to you); 12 years later on a normal day; the telephone...

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2. All You

she’s got everything she needs; but the gauge is reading empty again (whoa woah); you always call it as you see; and you’ll do it all day; because it’s what you believe; the way that you speak; like y...

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3. Burn The City Down

Here we are again getting wasted, it doesn't matter if it's good or bad. ; All I do is sleep, too tired to stand, I'm sick and I don't know why. ; All I ever think is how to understand; Everything I'm...

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4. Can't Trust Anyone

You've gotta know who to trust; You never know where they've been; I never struggle with words to define; how they get under my skin; I'm not looking for much; but you don't have it at all; It seems l...

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5. Dying Young

Think how it feels to fly high; cause there's something you can't buy; The floating version of truth; isn't good enough anymore; The ones that are as dumb as they come; are dying young; We're the one ...

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6. Every Link In The Chain

You think you're really cool; Can you come out and play? We know you're beautiful; Just put us on the airwaves; You think its wrong; When you dont know what you want; Every link in the chain (whoa who...

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7. Findaway

I am on your side; you are my friend; and I love my friends; Time is overrated; We're throwing quarters; in ice trays again; We need to find a way; To neverending happiness; I think we're on our way; ...

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8. Hurricanes

You had plenty of time and you still died; sharks and leeches, guns and stolen tv’s; desperation made you realize; you can’t blame yourself, you put it on everyone else. ; it’s right behind you, yeah ...

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9. Let's Get It Started

i'm not here to waste your time; i wanna see what you’ve been hiding; in the lie you call a life; you sit alone in your empty apartment; with a phone that isn’t ringing; and bad habits on your mind; Y...

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10. Nice Try Suicide Guy

Shred; It's your day; My friend; He derailed the train on your day; We seem real real real; cause you're fucked in the head; Nice try suicide guy; Now ten other hombres are dead

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11. The City

We all live in the city; The city that we love to hate; The city that's fucking dirty; In every single fucking way; But you'll still find a smile; wherever you find me; I'm wondering if this place is ...

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12. Thirty-two

You're all slaves; and there's nothing you can do about it; I crawled inside a full grown woman today; like 32 guitars I'll break after I play; Double digits aren't all they're hyped up to be; Read my...

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13. Where You Are

One day I'll say; Look at me now, And if I could; I'd treat you like a queen. ; No matter where you are, the beat stays the same. ; Maybe one day; I'll look around, And you will be; All I have found. ...

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