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1. Face Of Another

Well I made my bed, I left a note that said,"You'll find me in the ocean.. With the face of another,oh, I promise you brother - tomorrow will be a war". ; At first glance, appearances mean nothing, bu...

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2. Mercury In The Water

I can taste the mercury in the water; A bitter blessing bestowed; We have less hope than holding candles to the wind; And more pride than common men; With an arsenal of faith and theories never proven...

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3. The Anti-davinci

Step back, take a glance at what you've created; These visions set forth are all fabricated; My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak; Nature is broken, the rapture approaches; Black out the canvas, ...

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4. The World Ends With You

For a man of many faces, you look familiar; Prophetic voices in my head are telling me to; Run like hell; Where have you been? I still see you; In the face of our children (the face of our children); ...

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5. To The Gallows

I've seen a man killed by his best friend with a greedy eye; In a musical there's always someone to catch me; There is comfort right in the eye of a hurricane; One-hundred seven steps, from our necks ...

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