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1. A Call To Arms

I got a song inside my head; I got a demon in my bed; They're both keeping me awake; I'm gonna sing so you can hear; I'm gonna sing away your fear; I'm gonna rock you to sleep; A sound of trumpets; Oh...

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2. Black 'n Blue

I'm on the outside looking in, it's how I pay for all my sins; The list is long as my left arm; I always thought it would be cool if I could walk all over you; And have you fall for all my charm; A ta...

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3. Fine Line

It was like too much coffee; We'd been up for days on end; But now it seems we've lost it; I don't know where or how or when; If I could have those days again; I think i'd do things just the same; 'Ca...

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4. Friend Like Me

If I feel like a loser; If I lock myself out; If I lost all my money; Would you close the door when I need someone to talk to; When Im drunk at the bar, when I fear its all over; I would turn to you; ...

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5. It Ain't Enough

You come home in the evening with whiskey on your breath; I dream about leaving but I wake up with regrets; The dinner that I made you is slowly getting cold; Hey you don't need to tell me that this i...

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6. Killer On The Road

She never caused a big sensation; but she's a killer on the road; And i cross my fingers hoping; that our love can bare the load; But I can't take the picture in my head; she's a killer on the road; A...

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7. Out Of Bounds

I was barely hoping for a kiss; I didn't think that it would come to this; But everything he touches turns to gold; So I just brace myself and grab a hold; I'm out of bounds; I'm off the ground; And I...

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8. Raining In New York

It's a little bit like sun when your smile is focused on me; With stars in your eyes; It reminds me of summers up north where the clear winds will blow; Through the mountains with snow; But it can all...

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9. The Mess You Left Behind

It's too late, to be smart now, I'm all out of clever thing to say. You're gone, and I'm alone now, I never meant for things to end this way. But it seems you can't help it, you keep on flirting till ...

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10. Thunderbird Motel

this is not a thank you note; this is just a few words that i wrote; they were never meant for you to hear; it's just that they kept ringing in my ear; now you can read me like an open book; read abou...

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