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1. 12-bit Lifestyle

I'm on top; Of my business; So spare me your witness accounts; Of what I should do; Of what I should not; Of what I've become; How 'bout yourself? Look at yourself; We can't even talk no more, you say...

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2. Another World

Jersey; A twisted maze of interstates; Highways, industry, farmland and tidal waves; Halfway between New York and DC; London and Cali; I can see the Philly skyline; On a clear night; But I'd rather be...

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3. Aware

I shoot my fix in with a metronome needle and now it's kicked in; It's not an addiction, I got a legitimate prescription; Only time I touch the ground is when I slip and fall down; Which isn't often; ...

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4. Blade Of Grass

I am a blade of grass; One of many; My brothers are countless; And so are my enemies; I grew from seed; I am a blade of grass; One of many; My brothers come in many types; From many countries; But we ...

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5. Conversation

I think it's time we had a little conversation; Me and you; I'm willing to admit it's overdue; See I'm feeling like life's animation; And these two-dimensional story-boards are wearing thin; So let me...

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6. Damocles

As we are bombarded by stimulus from the environment around us our senses numb; To the sound of war drums and the warning signs of what's to come down on us; We're already dead, already dust; In God w...

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7. Desensitized

Yo, remember when our biggest fear was Y2K? 'Cause we were ignorant, blind, and we liked it that way; Overseas conflicts share air time on 60 Minutes; With corporate sponsorships and celebrity who-did...

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8. Detail Specific

Johnny found a penny on the ground when he was five; He stuck it in a empty coffee can and taped the lid shut; Slit the top and labeled it with masking tape: Free Money; Now he's got good reason to pa...

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9. God

So I have a question; A question for those people who say they believe in God; Because to believe in God, you must have defined God; You must some idea of what you've chosen to believe in; Oh, and I h...

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10. Headaches

I can't sleep without drugs; I toss and turn too much; Bad dreams and such disrupt my peace; So tired that I can't function; Hallucinations chanting something; Every line is louder every hour; I think...

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11. One Space

She has a beautiful face; And no tattoos; Long hair that doesn't smell like cigarettes or booze; She's a virgin in forty-nine states; And she's not from Jersey, so she's feeling kinda out of place; Ni...

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12. Prodigal Tots

For me music's a narcotic; Beyond the healing power of antibiotics and hypnotics; Watch me push my products; To the prodigal tots; Grow them up to methodical robots; Proud parents applaud the work eth...

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13. Senior Home Rhymes

Fairy tales, nursery rhymes, promises, and lies; Anything's better than real life sometimes; Click my heels and hope for better weather and sunshine; Hope my girl's cheating and that kid's not mine; C...

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