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1. Alive

Alive; Something inside telling me, there’s more out there than I can see; Take time to look around, don’t let small things get you down; Won’t take it, not today; Try to look up at the sun, just the ...

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2. Dark Island

In the years long gone by; When I first left my home; I was young and I wanted the wide world to roam; But now I am older and wiser you see; And that lovely dark Island is calling to me; Though I've w...

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3. Follow Me Up To Carlow

Follow Me Up to Carlow; Lift Mac Cahir Og your face, Brooding o’er the old disgrace, That black Fitzwilliam stormed your place; And drove you to the Fern. Grey said victory was sure, Soon the firebran...

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4. Goodbye Muirsin Durkin

Goodbye Muirsin Durkin; Goodbye Muirsin Durkin, I’m sick and tired of workin’. No longer I’ll dig praties, no more shall I be cold. Sure as me name is Carney I’ll be off to California; Instead of digg...

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5. Here I Stand

Here I Stand; I don’t know, what can I do; My mind’s made up now something’s got to pull me through; ‘Cause I feel the time is right; To make that change, got to get me through this life; Looking back...

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6. Irish Rover

Irish Rover; In the year of our lord 1806, we set sail from the fair cove of Cork. We were bound far away with a cargo of bricks to the fine City Hall of New York. And our very fine craft, she was rig...

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7. Like You

Like You; Lookin’ from the outside ‘cause I thought I had lost my way. That empty hollow feeling I carried with me every day. I wasn’t looking for an answer, I had nothing left to say. I put my feet o...

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8. Nothing Changes

Nothing Changes; It’s Tuesday morning, and it’s about three a.m. She’s staring out the window at the rain, can’t sleep again. Tries to clear her head, crazy thoughts they’re spinning through her mind....

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