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1. Chained To Redemption

Glory. endless is my holy pride, Yet trapped in madness and misery divine.. So strongly chained to evil! I am blessed with the curse of sight. And my eyes bleed! For they are indeed impaled by a stron...

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2. Khabs Am Pekht

I direct and I behold... The golden light descends at Will; Veil of restriction unfold... Holy, silent and still; I am, thou art, in extension... ; Grant me the vision of thy chosen few; The strength ...

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3. Mystérion Tés Anomias

Mystérion tés anomias; Cursed to wander with eternal wounds; Open for the beast to enter; And to possess. ; A desolate riddle of self-destruction; A sip from the devils wine; An eager wish to recieve ...

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4. Rape The World (hymn To)

Once again he is drawn into action; Where judgments are served, where the qliphoth thrive; Unveil himself for his contradiction; To strangle the shells that keep their ungod alive; Concealed, until ju...

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