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1. Bend

Bend; You pushed me back I guess I thought you're just a game; So then I went ahead and changed your smile into your pain; Chorus:; I bend my morals; To please the ends; Faced with the means; I stand ...

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2. Blinded By Faith

Here we are again; Back where we started; Nothing will ever change; I won't let go of my hate; My rage consumes me; The anger grows within; No matter how I try; I cannot make you see; You're so fuckin...

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3. Feed The Vibe

Feed the Vibe; As I was saying you think too much; Not everything is meant to be known; You should take the time to stop this reckless loop; Consent and concede to analyze why you're paralyzed heed th...

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4. Feel

Feel; You turn your head when I step inside your world, yeah; And the weight of a heavy intrusion rains on your charade; There you stand unmade; Chorus:; Feel this (I'm the mirror); Feel me (I'm the m...

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5. Lately I

Lately I; Lately I… have looked inside myself; Lately I… have lived as someone else; From the spark that was my youth have I become a man? Lately I… have buried my head in the sand; Chorus:; I awake w...

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6. Reflection In The Blade

Beneath a perfect sky; The sun begins to fade; I cover up my eyes; So nothing seems so grey; After the rain I thought that I; Could face another day; But in the depth of my denial; I feel the brightne...

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7. Silence Sweeps

He enters the room, tall, dark; The chatter dies in the audience; As he approaches the podium; Silence sweeps, they lay in wait; Too stupid to think for themselves; The need his words to ease their so...

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8. Smoke And Dust

Smoke & Dust; I got your back; we'll give them hell when they attack; You know they're sure to win but daddy is teaching; Hold your ground the shit's going down; Feel the calm; Line your sites; got no...

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9. Spare Your Pity

I thought I could rely on you; To be a pillar of strength; I thought we were the same; And that we would always be together; One mistake was never a lack of trust; And twice you stood on me; And every...

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10. Straw

Straw; Dust off your boots and breathe in deep where lungs are raw; But you beware that you don't break that filthy straw; Chorus:; (Brace) - I'm broken; (Brace) - You're broken; (Brace) - We're broke...

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