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1. Blood In Rust

I've got this tangled in my chest; All of this spilling over; I'm just waiting to wake up; I wore my heart upon my sleeve; Vulnerably you picked it clean; And left me with nothing to believe; Lying on...

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2. End Of Seasons

There's something about the snow; That's got me wondering; If this is the end or the beginning; I've been down this road; So rest assured I'm on my toes; I'm giving up, I'm giving in; I'm going home; ...

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3. Forevermore

Make up your mind; You're falling further behind than you've ever been; Just when you cleaned up your mess; You bite the bait for the best and then you fall again; You regress and rebound but you don'...

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4. Hands Down, Anchors Up

Before we can cross an ocean we must build our homes in stone; But if we never speak our anger we may always be alone; I've been dragging my feet across the pavement; spilling out my brain; When it ra...

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5. Stealing Home

I gotta find a way; To take a train back home; And fill this empty space; Today! Without a trace; I'll be trekking back these miles to escape; I'm headed back ? eastward bound; And I'd be lying to mys...

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6. The Prelude To My Trust Issues

Everytime we try to talk these words are chalk; Get washed away in the rain but I won't break; And we won't dry off it's irritation; So, so long I'm sick of waiting; I fought through a battlefield who...

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7. Without Words

Underneath the weight of; The same things make you; Bend until you break; We ride the wave; The year has left us older; And more afraid; Living in bodies roaming streets; Until our debts are paid; I'm...

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