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1. A Liar's Monologue

I've designed an escape; From workforcing contributions; Of my time; And this terabyte of space; Reserved for my motivation to live; Which seems to be more diluted; The final days of the week; Have me...

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2. An Atlas To Solutions

I can't fix all the problems; I can't see it's such a mystery; I guess I'm not as perfect; as you thought; and promise me that when; I'm next to you; those telephonic words; were nothing more than our...

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3. Artwork Dancing

The doctors cut the cord; and you enter this world; searching for that connection; it could be anywhere; Different states; maybe a distant country; who are you looking for? What do they look like; I f...

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4. Coordinates

This is the outcome; when they add more weights; on the barbell and subtract words; spoken to her an adjusted site; with a lens of testosterone; but they can't see anyway; because alcohol has filled t...

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5. Moonstrung Intoxication

to suffocate is to volumize these lights; with a thousand watt thoughts of you; you've shown me; how to turn on this generator; without cutting myself; You hold my energy; so don't let go; I don't wan...

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6. Photo-not-graphing Emotions

Take a look at this picture; a decrepit boy smiling; is it life placing contentment? or the photographer; is he happy to be alive? or is his self starvation fueled; by the insults; You should be an ac...

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7. The Hollywood Charity

Screened portraits; projected through our pockets; locate the exits and buy their; lives in paper magazines; To praise and don't forget to; envy everything that they have; but only one thing that matt...

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8. Welcome Back To Unconsciousness

It's funny to know; that my soul haunts this prison; not looking for my body; but of who can replace it; awaiting to fill; and be filled; There is nothing inside me; to plant my feet on the ground; to...

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