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1. All That You Need

Pack up and drive away like any other shallow day; And wait for the coast line to swallow up your thoughts; And pull you into drown, pull you into drown; And I could be your shelter; And I could be yo...

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2. Breathe Again

Will you take my hand; Pull me through; I've tried to stand; Don't know what to do; I'm on my own; Miserable, numb from pain; Stuck behind, I cannot gain; Is there no way out? We're falling into miser...

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3. Damage

Stay here for a while and tell me; What we've done so wrong all this time; Cause all I can recall is how innocent we were; I blocked out the pain and all our mistakes; So I don't feel a thing; And all...

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4. Empty Shadows

You need to hold on to something true; The odds are against your every move; Break the chains held over you; Don't let it go, we'll make it through; Every day just feels the same; Sick of playing this...

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5. Haunting Me

I'm so disgusted with myself; I'll probably never leave this hell; And if I look the other way; I'll feel so broken, so ashamed; I wanna see with brand new eyes; I hope I make it through the night; I ...

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6. Serenity

I can't breathe; I can't speak; I can't leave; Cause you're still running through these walls; Trapped inside all your broken lies; All the tears; All the pain; You can take; I never wanted it all alo...

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