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1. Aiming Wanderlessly

All is lost Nothing you say will soothe me; So let’s have a drink to numb this world away; Another round To blind this mind with power; And hide from the debts I cannot pay; Spin the blame Just like a...

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2. Exit Wound

Waiting patient; Wasting in silent torment; Slowly dying; Taunting me then denying; Your love; Is the poison; The drug controlling me with addiction; But still; I can’t let go; Your smiles are the pil...

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3. Floodgate

You come to me, late night, eyes heavy with tears; The hope of some sleep now disappears; What is you intention? now you have me awake; My guess is a night of confessions await; You start out so softl...

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4. Mindscream (tranquility Is For Pansies)

You’re so fucking righteous with your philosophies:; The world on its knees begging your forgiveness. Get down from your soapbox; get off of your cross;; Share in the cost – we’re a collective nuisanc...

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5. New Destiny

So this is what it comes to; On my knees beside you; And crying; Please tell me that it’s not true; Whatever can I do; I’m trying; My tears are bleeding from me; So how can you still be; Smiling; You’...

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6. Stronghold

Perfect morning greets my eyes; Can’t tell / don’t care you’re in disguise; We build our walls so high; We can’t see if the sun does shine; We build our walls of stone; We can’t tell if the wind blows...

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7. Temple Of The Wasted

Searching for some piece of mind; Apathy is what I find; Life has slowed down to a crawl; So bring out the alcohol; And when time seems so long and drawn out; It’s time to get inebriated; So if my bod...

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8. Winter`s Arms

Snow fell in moonlight; Winter on my neck; Ears, chins, and noses numbing; A sleigh ride together; Like a Christmas song; We felt warm by the fire; And she said… Ah…. ; A bottle of my thoughts; Time b...

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