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1. Absorbed By Agony

Horror will conceal disgust; In impassable haze. Motionless like figurines; They will curdle without movement. Bravery will fall apart, Conveying the silent fear, Coiling like a serpentine. ; And now ...

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2. More Than Conquerors (Impending Doom Cover)

If you wanna find heaven with me, I will show you the way. Eternal youth, Forever young, Immortalize your name. ; My foolish heart, Put nails through me. On his day I will be ready. We are the childre...

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3. Spawn Of Perfection

Money with the smell of blood; In your hands is becoming dirt. Hear this moans again, Now this moans are damnation. Rage with every scar; Defeats their fear and faith. They are breathing the death, Th...

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4. The Final Enslavement

Conquer to become unequalled. Try to bring them hate at any price; And give them time to calculate direction. Rise and everyone will pray. Spreading and enslaving fast, remorseless, Like the horrifyin...

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5. Traitors

Time has come, They all sleep with city lights. Time has come, Set on fire fucking wick. Incinerate all your fucking fears. This damnation brings neverending night. ; Your past was lost inside your mi...

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