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1. Carpal Tunnel

Spores shooting out of earth spread open copulating with tyrannical creatures; Transcending to guttural domains; Seeping into all that remains; Sweltering visions frantic movement; Melting fragments o...

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2. Caverns Of Reason

Repugnant aspects; Of festering luminations; Centering visual; Distortions of what's real; Gluttonous minds; Secreting remnants of thought; Caverns of reason; Overruled by doctrines; Feasting upon ide...

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3. Cerebral Dissection

Decompose; Visceral clotting the filth of dissection; Observing the waste beneath the flesh; Unable to exist without the hierarchy; Of being an eternal specimen; Nothingness is the only reality; Feare...

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4. Collapse Of Recreation

…All existence is lost; Through the force of this being relentlessly consuming perception pulled from tranquility; Impossible to contain through defense; Determined to conquer a disincarnate future of...

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5. Conjoint Species

Perceiving the stopping o time as the world devours itself; Beings are trapped and suspended; Disintegration of existence; Walls of reality collapse portals of torment are opened; Internal remnants sp...

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6. Debacle By Cephalopod

A concavement; Of a failed civilization; Breeds vacuous vessels awaiting; Blood drenched hands; Siphon in a panicked frenzy; Flesh consumes flesh; Greed is butchery; Tooth cuts through bone

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7. Domain Of The Eternal Paradox

Through feindish experimentation to create an eternal domain a technological civilization finds a way to escape its demise; Convinced by the science they've discovered they believe to have control of ...

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8. Dysmorphic Avulsion

Soul consumed; Grievous reflection dour; Repulsive depiction mar; Flowing from your brainstem; A vericose ventricle filled with seething fluids carrying your thoughts; Malformation of external structu...

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9. Fragmented Oblivion

Conscious travels through sub-conscious realms; Lost in abysmal insignificance; Convinced by impossibility defiling any method or proof; Deciphering the inconsequential matter naturalized inside of ou...

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10. Gestation Of Worms

Laying in a pool of shit; Worms crawling out of your severed remains; Still breathing in consciousness; Feeling every wiggle of your gestation; Parasitic spores breeding in the flesh; Sucking up the n...

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11. Golden Excretion

Further into trenches of earth; No relief from untamed obsessions; Golden emblems excreting; Eternal message of greed; Dampening fluctuations; Of perception; Sculpting delusions to be; Regurgitated; B...

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12. Gristle Dripping Scab

Through this gorge of eternity; Existence is the stench of our reign; Which rots and scabs as our virus grows; We breed the mucus of our demise; Deprecated thoughts subside; Visions clouded with filth...

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13. Morton's Neuronoma

Burning skin face flush symptoms; of presidential origin; preaching decaying words; without meaning; scorched facial planes of earth's complexion frenzy of insane proposals; resurrected; through proge...

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14. Nothing Beyond The Rot

Kill; Forced in to death; Ripped from limb to gutted; Thoughts from the past; Flashing in your mind until you die; What then nothing; Faith is at it's test; But now you've learned that there is nothin...

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15. Nux Vomica

What once gave life; Now lies ruined; When all is devoured; They turn on each other; Inscribed this misery; By death of seasons; The truth can be shown; Nux vomica; Foretold it's fate resting; In hand...

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16. Subcortical Desiccation

Excretions or sight sphoned from the soul; Resisting expulsion from the cavity within external forces attempt to grasp what cannot be let to bleed; Extracting the spirit dismantling the inner mind's w...

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17. The Endless Regression Of Mind

Prophetic visions of nothingness coming to terms with extinction; Fears of a forgotten existence decimating habitual methods and ways; Massive conception perversed in distortion social prosthesis phys...

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18. Third Pawn

Destruction and murder will be forced; To show the essence of being; Prove to the feeble; Through great slaughter; That their importance; Is death; Experience the unimportance of self; Live slowly fad...

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19. Thought Disruption

Reverse patterns of mental ingest; cavities of the subconscious; entrails of quivering cortex; crumbling contour of your perceptions deconstruct blockades to the unknown; stimulate stagnant brain matt...

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20. Vile Progeny

Forced into existence no regard for a will of the born; A selfish act of mortality emulation of god through creation of life; And on…; We continue this trend without questioning why; Eternally bred; A...

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