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1. At The Well Of Wisdom

As thee I walked the mountain; Side to the landscapes of north; Spirits domains watchers of the; Secrets of a now forgotten; Time, when the north men were; The emperors, when they; Swung their swords ...

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2. Beseech The Fire

Dominions of war; Dominions of hate; Rage is fury and; The art is pain! Destruction of; A human race. My dominions, My spirits kingdom, Destruction of the weak, Send them down to the; Roots of Yggdras...

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3. Bridge Of Bifrost

Thor! Open the sky from; Which you came and sent; Down the blasting fire. May it strike upon the feeble; Man and burn away the race; Of Christ. Thor! Odin! Come, ride upon the; Earth, inflict this wor...

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4. Elder Gods Of The North

Elder gods of the north! Elder gods of the north; Come forth from the highest; Mountain from the deepest; Ground from the burning; Fire, from the mighty oceans; Thee awakening of the; Mighty stone god...

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5. Makters Språk

Ur min mun hör maktens språk; Galdrar, starka jag sjunger lågt! Nynnar ord som natten sänt. Vänd hit vind, styr hit en storm! Sänd mig blixten, molnens orm, Åskans ande, var min vän. Skänk; Mig skydd ...

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6. Northern Throne

Oh! Cold mighty north has; Brought me strength. I am the eternal one son; Of the northern spirits the; Dark side of light. I am the fiery heat of now; A dead sun. I will; Forever shine bright in my; N...

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7. Speech Of Odin

I know I hung on that; Windswept tree, swung; There for nine long nights, Wounded by my own blade, Bloodied for Odhinn, Myself and offering to; Myself, bound to the tree, That no man knows wither; The...

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8. War Eternal

I am the warfare blasting in; From blazing horizons. I am hatred and aggression. Plague bearer destroyer of; The world. I am the cruelty, I am the law that chaos; Doth evoke bearer of the; Black stand...

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