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1. Black Bird Blues

Lately I've realizing that women love the love; And men love women, dammit I'm not 16 anymore! Our minds where covered by the mist of cynism and narcisism; As long I'm surrouned by women I wake up cov...

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2. Dopamine

Don't look surprise; With the joy in my eyes; My system of retribution; A chemical tide; The Subistantia Nigra dropped it in my mind; Changing my world; in mesencephalic time; That happiness, that ple...

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3. Hot Water Music

I need something to get high; T. H. C; Opium; Morphine; Heroin; Isolation; Distant Skies; A far cry; Don't take me home anymore! D. M. T; Mescaline; L. S. D; Tell mama that life is comin' back to me! ...

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4. Marooned Pt 1 : Zenite

I'm feeling my spirit rising; From the shadow of the north; I've been here for thousands of years; Floating on the souls of the immortals; I looked to the south; And at the end of the firmament; I rea...

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5. Marooned Pt 2 : Nadir

Desolation! Diluting the past; The suffering of which are accompanied by others; The matter of the past burning in flames consuming memories; Repairs that were made did not support the corrosion of re...

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6. Suggestions

I see your eyes dilate; And my body scream; I see a flood of hormones; Invading me; The sweat of your body; Begs for me; I want anything; Just give it me; Just give it me! (pré refrão); So hang out yo...

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