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1. 12 Days Of Rain

Press my sigh; I breed in fever; But somehow don't die; Rain without end; I eat the breath; Your flesh brings life; I'm going to see; I will never be clean again; I fell asleep at the gate; Tonight I ...

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2. A Custodian Of Science

Bathing In your private fears. Held back by the need of control; You are conducting yourself by the proper manners. Never let down by the cameras eye. The custodian of your science sets the stage. All...

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3. Adoring Ashes

I brought fire to the gates of heaven; Enraptured by the coldest of hearts; Tales of it's worship; The words that echoed in vain; "I am the empty"; I whispered goodbye; My voice carried by the wind; F...

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4. Blackness Devours

I awake by cold shivers; Apprehend voices, but not the ones in my head; I try to ignore and turn back; I shut down, gain sanity; Forcing my breathing to become slower; Forcing my pulse to beat lower; ...

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5. Deplorable Request

Shut it all down; The facts and the memories I have been running around inside on this borrowed time The medical poison; It stabilizes and drags me back; Though it is against my will; Locked inside; T...

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6. Ephemeral

You’re on the breeze; You rest in grey; Eternally sleep; Erase the day; I couldn’t see her; Through all the rain; And her sigh; Holding our breath to the end; We end up far away; Out on the breeze; Ta...

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7. Floating

Uncontrolled riot; In my soul that is; Devastating fire; Please burn the way through this; All systems collapse in my inner sanctum; While I'm still alive; Then why postpone the thing that I hope for;...

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8. Fragile

Small steps; Closer to the mirror; The shame is in the deep; Slipping through a vast form feeling fragile; With hollow heart, a thin shell, a reflecting art; Still searching for hope; Year apart the s...

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9. Grey Dawn

I painted with rain the sight of the daybreak, as being in need of a; momentary remake; the life I am leading is the way of depravity, a threat; th my already poisoned sanity; grey dawn, everlasting; ...

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10. Heart Of The Dead

I have waited with patience for this moment to come; A promise, I expected not to be alone; When the wind of the dark comes enclosing us in; The whisper gets closer and I fake this grin; A stranger in...

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11. Into Deep Sleep

Dim the lights and sleep; Night has brought me here; You're falling far too deep; You're awake when I am near; My soul has lost this fight; I'm no longer on my own; Old companions ride tonight; Cold p...

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12. Losing Tomorrow

it's all painted cold; i'm not here today; i'm not here at all; it's; all painted clear; just like the day; and when the night closed your; eyes; I read upon your lips; this is not today; not even tom...

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13. Lost In The Dark (and Then Gone)

There's a white room in my dreams; A shot in the head; A head full of lead; That's the only way to survive; The only way to go ahead; There's a red room in the house; A room full of stains; Where noth...

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14. October Insight

The tales untold are true; Spirits of water circle above you; As you trespass the side of the fall; Drawn into darkness; Drawn by the call; Breathe in the night; An october insight; As you can see gre...

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15. Scorned

Ghost in corner; Reflecting a strong side of me; Flame is lost; I wish for once of difference; Lack of self-confidence; This scene grew fast; Still look for light; Everyone reliefs hate; I'm forced to...

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16. Sweetness Dies

These words I scream out loud; They vanich in the wind; And winters weight upon us; Has buried the life I knew; Life as on the walls; Has turned into the past; You know that I will wander; Through win...

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17. The Dividing Line

I, the stalker; The dagger behind your back; Days are turning darker; We follow you on every path; Fear are growing in the eyes of the underdog; For each day we increase the obstacles; Pushing you dow...

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