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1. A Message From Our Sponsors

Fill my Head, Fill my Head, with shallow dreams and hopes of things that I can not achieve; Sixteen minutes for every sixty is devoted to the selling of me…; ( I’m hating it! ); You best drive a fast ...

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2. Full Of Grace

Faith, Fuck your faith I have my ways, don’t try and threaten and pressure me, it’s the same stupid shit, that I see every single day. ; (The more I think about them - The more I want to get away); To...

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3. Remote Controlled

This lie is feeding, this lie deceiving…; Can you trust what you hold so dearly? Your routine and your material things. Can you let your time just slip on by? Without giving a second thought to this l...

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4. Signal Lost

In Retrospect, Who could have known? What the Hell was running through your mind? Was it Love or was it desperation? Are you on Drugs again? Are you listening to me? Do I have your attention? Did I me...

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